Juvenile Offenses And Delinquency

In Alabama, a criminal act by a minor offender is considered juvenile delinquency. Defense lawyers from our juvenile law firm work with all parties involved: probation officers, the District Attorney, the family, counselors, and school officials to find a solution which is in the best interests of the juvenile charged with a delinquency.

Charged with a Delinquent Act?

Our juvenile law attorneys are committed to crafting the most positive solution for each client. If you have a child or teenager in trouble with the law, and would like to speak with a juvenile law attorney, contact our Tuscaloosa, Alabama, juvenile delinquency defense office and arrange for a consultation. At that time we can discuss possible resources and the best strategy to help your child, including preparing a defense for your child and taking the case to trial.

Children in Need of Supervision (CHINS)

Our juvenile attorneys also represent children who have been charged with a CHINS. Although not technically a criminal offense, a child can face some of the same issues that a juvenile charged with a criminal offense faces, including having to report to a probation officer or attend programs through juvenile court.

Juvenile Delinquency Defense Lawyers

Juvenile Court has jurisdiction over those who commit a delinquent act while under age 18, unless it is a serious crime, in which children much younger than may be tried in adult court and face adult penalties. Our representation in Juvenile Court emphasizes finding solutions that protect the future of juvenile offenders.